Moo Time Sprouts - Timelapse of seed growth by Peer Canvas

Brenton and I got a compost bin last summer and we use it regularly.  We took our time to pick out just the spot for it since it is about the size of a washing machine.  Someplace not in plain sight---but not inconveniently far from the back door either.  We put our coffee grounds in it, along with other food waste, and then the usual yard scraps and what not.  It works year round---Brenton informed me that when he turned over the soil in it this winter that it was still generating heat in there J

A side note about our compost bin:  Brenton told me he enjoys putting the contents of our shredder in there...So we can turn our bills to dirt.  That is just one of the many reasons why I love that guy :)

The other day we had cantaloupe and put the rinds and seeds in the compost bin.  A few days later----we had a batch of sprouts!  Brenton inspected them closer and could see that they were sprouting right out of the cantaloupe seeds from the couple days prior.  So---why not repot them and see if they will grow??  And so we did.

We repotted the little sprouts and put them on the table in our breezeway to keep the squirrels away from the little sprouts.  I watered them in the morning and when I checked on them in the afternoon I could see that all the sprouts had reoriented themselves towards the light…. And I just new what I had to do…. I was giddy…  the next day I planned to water them again, and turn all the plants around (away from the light) and then set up my camera to take a timelapse over then next day to see the little sprouts growing and turning towards the light.  AND I had just the new little device to help me!  The Michron.

This was the perfect opportunity for me to try out my gadget---the Michron.  It is a handy little device to make doing time-lapse videos easier by letting you use your smart phone to program the Michron---which attaches to your camera to tell it to fire off a picture.  I open up the app on my smart phone, set up the Michron to take pictures every 40 seconds for the next 12 hours---hook the Michron up to my camera and away we go.

Part way through the day I realized that the video might be more interesting if I had a little lego guy or something in the sprouts for size reference.  I scoured the house for a lego person----with no luck.  I did however find my Moo egg timer.  In the end a cow in the sprouts rather than a lego person made more sense to me. J

Enjoy a fun little video ---- Moo Time Sprouts
Peer Canvas