Time-Lapse Drive around Chicago

Brenton and I are always learning and love to try out new ideas.  So when were in Chicago we tried out a new time-lapse technique that sounded like fun.  Mind you we had just wrapped two back to back shoots that day, it was freezing cold, and were both ready to go home.  But my husband, wonderful guy that he is, is willing to let me try out my ideas even when I’m not sure at all how it might turn out.  We didn’t have quite the right equipment to mount the camera outside of the car, so with Brenton's MacGyver skills we improvised.  Our GoPro was mounted to the tripod and extended out of the sunroof.  I had to have my hand out the sunroof as well to steady the camera.  Needless to say we drove around for over 45 minutes, my hand was frozen, and I couldn’t have been happier.  Brenton got a kick out of the passers-by giving looks to the camera popping out the top of the car---as did I.  I couldn’t laugh too hard though since that would jostle the camera.

Enjoy a look at our time-lapse video of a Drive Around Chicago.
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