Special shoes for your wedding are great for detail pictures --- but have a back-up pair of ballet flats

Blingy rings and spikey shoes are two things that should be present at every wedding.  Not that you have to wear the outrageous shoes ALL day---but special shoes for a special occasion certainly make for some great detail pictures. 

Don’t get me wrong, on the average day I am all about comfortable shoes, but for your wedding it is time for something special.  Whether you go with shoes that are over-the-top or just enough, if you are wearing new shoes on your wedding day you should definitely be prepared with a back-up pair of shoes.  Having a great pair of ballet flats for the reception is a must.  Ballet flats are also great if you plan to venture out into any grassy areas for pictures after the ceremony.

Some fun facts on the pictures here…

The ring in this picture is an emerald cut diamond ring from Jared’s – The Galleria of Jewelry.  Yes folks --- He went to Jared’s J  and it is a very special ring in my life.  It is the ring that Brenton presented me with when he popped the question.

The heels are called “Faris” by Penny Loves Kenny.  They are wonderful spikey little numbers with great mix of spikes, mesh, and metallic leather.  If you are planning to buy a pair for yourself, they do run a bit on the small side.

A great pair of ballet flats that I highly recommend are Tieks by Gavrieli.  I own a pair of the blue patent ones that are truly great.  So great maybe they will get their own full blog post :)  

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