She said YES ---Milwaukee marriage proposal of Kendrick and Nadia

We somehow found the one sunny day in the middle of the Polar Vortex in Milwaukee on February 19th 2014 --- the day that Kendrick would ask Nadia to be his wife.  Brenton and I were pumped to be a part of such a momentous day.  Kendrick had asked us to video the proposal, as well as, an impromptu photo-shoot to follow. 

We began the day at The Market to get a bit of interview footage of Kendrick as well as to scope out the Riverwalk – where he would be popping the question.  I wanted to capture his excitement for the day and all the anticipation for what would follow.  The love he has for Nadia was so sweet and came across so well in the video. 
We then went for a stroll down to the Riverwalk to find the exact spot for him to propose and to get a few signals to give each other so that we were all ready for the big moment and nothing would be missed.  All of us were excited.  We couldn’t wait to get Nadia here :)

Kendrick left to get Nadia.  She thought we were doing a couples photo-shoot for Kendrick's birthday----- I will let the video speak for itself for her reaction :)
Be sure to scroll below the video for a few words from both Kendrick and Nadia about the day.

Thank you so very much for letting us be a part of such a wonderful day!
Thank You to Noire Wall for the music!!
Congratulations and enjoy the video!!

From Kendrick:   It was one of those days that I couldn’t wait to happen, and when the day came, I knew that I had chosen the perfect day. In fact, I still feel the fire from within that I hope never goes out. It’s a fire that I never want to end; it’s a fire that was started that I hope spreads into the many years to come. It’s a fire of LOVE. On this very day, I was confident she would say yes, but my anxiety ran wild knowing that I would present myself to a woman that I still can’t believe is part of my life. This day also happened to be my birthday, and while that was important to me in itself, all I really wanted for my birthday was for Nadia to say YES. Leading up to the big moment, I continued to vision the rest of my life I’d plan to spend with Nadia. The fact that she had no clue as to what was going to happen on this day made the moment so valuable.

They say that nothing is perfect, but this was the absolute most perfect and flawless day. And I realize that I’m not perfect, nor is Nadia perfect, but she’s perfect for me.  

From Nadia:  It can be argued that falling in love at the tender age of 14 is impractical. However, in the case of Kendrick and I, back in August of 2004, it was head over heels the moment we laid eyes on each other. When I saw Kendrick on his knees that day he had me at a loss for words. I knew this day would come, but I  never once doubted that it wouldn't be the right time. I had fallen in love with a man of God. His soul through the years has shown me his walk with the world but his spirit showed me his walk with God which ultimately won me over.
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