A look back to a wonderful moment of getting ready to say “I do”

It is funny how most weddings are nothing like what you see in the movies.  The movies show people being so nervous on their wedding day, but what I usually see during the preparation part of the day is happiness and excitement.  Both the bride and groom know that they are marrying their best friend and they can’t wait to see each other.  The emotions are that of excitement, anticipation, and love.

When everyone is getting ready---it is such a special time.  There are quiet glances between mother and daughter that erupt into hugs and tears of joy.  Sisters smile.  Brothers hug.  The excitement for the day is visible.  Two families are joining.  It is such an honor for our brides and grooms to let us in to experience all the day has to give. 

Kellie (the bride in the picture) was so open and welcoming to letting us capture the touching moments.  When she first put on her gown and turned for her sisters, mom and best friend to see---the moment was so special.  This IS IT.  Her face was beaming and there were tears all around.  The emotions were powerful.  She took a breath and proceeded to put on her earrings.  Her face was serene in thought, the light was magical, the dress fit her like a dream---and this is that moment captured.  

Kellie in the wonderful moment of getting ready to say “I do”

gown by Deborah Villanueva http://studiodeborah.blogspot.com/
see her Wedding Video HERE

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