Marie Antoinette Bridal Shoes

The incredibly beautiful shoes that inspired the Marie Antoinette bridal fashion shoot----but then never got used.

So I know that I am not the only lady out there to have made an indulgent internet purchase of fancy shoes---the sort of purchase that then sits in mint condition still in the box.  Well these fantastic shoes “Marie Antoinette” by Irregular Choice were once such purchase by yours truly a number of years ago.  I don’t remember having a specific reason for the purchase.  I am sure it was nothing more than thinking they were pretty, and I seem to vaguely remember thinking that I might be Marie Antoinette for Halloween.  The costume never happened, and the box went to the top shelf in the closet for a number of years. 

Along comes Deborah Villanueva---Custom fashion designer.  We had worked on a number of spectacular bridal fashion shoots together featuring Deborah’s custom dresses but both of us wanted to do something outside of the box with bridal fashion.  I remembered these fabulous shoes that I had safely tucked away in my closet J  They were beautiful, they were spanking new, and they were just what we needed to top off a Marie Antoinette inspired Bridal fashion shoot.  We were both excited and ready to get to work on our next joint project.

We both couldn’t believe how quickly the dress came together, the perfect girl to play Marie fell into my lap, and we even found the perfect sunken garden for the location.  Rotary Botanical Gardens in Janesville was the ideal location and it was all set.  The weather was perfect and the shoot was a dream.  We all knew we were making magic even as it was happening and then the shoot was a wrap.  I was gathering up our gear and I noticed the shoes….  Still in their box… still beautiful..  still unworn…  and I just found it hilarious.  Even if these shoes forever go unworn, they have more than served their purpose.  They were the catalyst that inspired the entire fashion shoot. 

And since the shoes never appeared in the fashion shoot---it is only fair that I show them now. 

Enjoy!  The shoes that inspired the Marie Antoinette bridal fashion shoot---but then never got used.  J

To see the video from the shoot click HERE

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