Peer Canvas Proposal – She said Yes – Milwaukee Engagement

Yesterday’s shoot was nothing short of EPIC.  Brenton and I had the honor of documenting the marriage proposal of Kendrick to Nadia.  Much careful planning and anticipation was going into this momentous day.  Kendrick and I exchanged a number of phone calls and emails in order to make the proposal perfect.  How he was able to keep such a secret was beyond me.  We decided that we would all start the day at the Milwaukee Public Market.  The day was absolutely perfect.  Amidst the endless days of subzero temperatures and inches of snow, Kendrick picked the one day filled with Sunshine and perfect weather---which also happened to be his birthday.

After some interview type questions and heartfelt moments we set out to finalize the details of the exact spot for the proposal.  We needed to know exactly how we would distract Nadia, how to get him the ring, which direction they should face… we were excited.  Kendrick kept his nerves totally hidden though---I was the one wringing my hands like an old lady.  It was game time. 

I won’t spoil everything since there are tons of pictures and the VIDEO to come J
But I will say this---- there were tears of joy and SHE SAID YES!!!

Congratulations Kendrick and Nadia!!! And Happy Birthday J
We are so very happy for you two and our deepest THANK YOU for letting us be a part of your special day!

Stay tuned for the video!

Peer Canvas