The Magicalness of Childhood

For a fun side project I made a video of a birthday party that I attended.  Little Pryce was turning four, and as a surprise his parents got him one of those big inflatable bouncy moonwalk thingys.  What child wouldn’t love that?! 

I remember when I was growing up I only had a couple birthday parties.  Since my birthday is in December in Wisconsin there wasn’t a whole lot we could do outside.  Its too cold for anything much, but it was rarely snowing yet so no sledding or snowball fights.  My brother on the other hand, was blessed with a June birthday.  So not only did he never get a birthday/Christmas combo gift from anyone (my fellow December birthdays can relate) but there were the cool pool parties.  Sigh….  I suppose if this was my biggest woe from childhood, I can live with that J and my dad did come though with a pretty fantastic magic show for one of my parties. 

Pryce though, really had a great party.  Kids packed the bouncy inflatable, parents and grandparents enjoyed each other’s company, and there were plenty of cool refreshments for the hot day. But Pryce is 4, will he remember any of it?  Probably not… but that’s where I come in.  As I have been making more and more videos and taking pictures I am constantly reminded of how important documenting life is.  Those moments don’t come back---and don’t you want to be able to remember just how much fun your childhood was?  One of the people that slide down the bouncy inflatable is Pryce’s grandmother.  How precious will that memory be as Pryce grows up…  Not to mention, if you were Pryce’s parents, wouldn’t you rather enjoy your son’s party and actually BE IN the pictures?  Let me help you with that---I got the pictures and video covered.  You enjoy yourself and make his big day extra special. 

Enjoy the movie!

Peer Canvas