Enjoy the Love ----Melissa and Josh Engaged

Congratulations to Melissa and Josh on their engagement and upcoming wedding.  This wonderful couple requested that their engagement shoot be se at the airport and we couldn’t have been happier with the location choice.  We sure could identify with the airport being a romantic location full of hellos and goodbyes.  When Brenton was still in the army, we spent our fair share of time saying goodbye at the airport.  It never did get any easier.  The greetings hello were much more romantic.  Waiting for the signal on the plane for the OK to turn your cell phone on was an eternity. 

For Melissa and Josh, the airport was altogether different.  Josh works at the airport!  So he had all the cool back stage passes to get us around the airport for an awesome shoot.  We were going for a vintage style fun lovey style with some inspiration from old Hollywood romance.  Can any of you see bits from “To have and have not”….well, ….there is in my head of imagination J

Sit back and enjoy the love---of Melissa and Josh


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