Beloit Memorial Senior - Caira

Achievements in life should be celebrated and Caira’s High School Graduation is no exception.  What an exciting time in life!  Do you remember all the possibilities?  Everyone asking what you will go to school for, what will you major in, and it was all up to you!  You were picking what you wanted for your future.

It is such a pivotal time in your life and Senior pictures are a great way to document that time.  You are young, wide eyed, and full of all the hopes and dreams of for your future.  Why not add video to take documenting that time to the next level?  Can you imagine having a video of your parents when they were your age?  How much would you treasure seeing them young, spunky, and full of life? (Video of Caira's shoot coming very soon)

Brenton and I had a blast on this photo shoot with Caira.  We wish her the best in her future endeavors.  Congratulations Caira!
Peer Canvas