Inescapable Tears of Joy -- Sarah and Cory Wedding

Some moments are so powerful, that no matter how much you tell yourself that you are not going to cry, tears are inescapable.  Coming down the isle—is one of the moments.  Whether you are the bride or the groom it is a moment when emotions run high and a tear (or tears) of joy is soon on the way. Sarah and Cory’s wedding was no exception.

In the morning when Sarah and Cory were both getting ready, it is easy to get preoccupied with the details of preparation.  You are with your closest friends and family and getting all fancied up for your big day.  But there is ---seeing your dad for the first time.  Your Dad is sure to bring you to the reality of the day when you see a tear in his eye.  It is a tender moment that we were blessed to share with Sarah.

After the tears were dried it was time for a mascara check---then show time.  The flower girls and junior groomsman were cute as could be and then it was Sarah’s grand entrance.  The walk down the isle where Sarah and Cory only had eyes for each other---eyes that both welled with those inescapable tears.  I love weddings.  Saying “I do” to someone that you love is such a natural and beautiful thing and Brenton and I are so lucky to be a part of capturing those moments.

The reception was filled with lots of family, friends, love and dancing.  Congratulation to Sarah and Cory!  May your marriage be filled with much happiness and love.

Enjoy a little video of their big day!
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