Smiles Through the Tears Waupun Wisconsin Wedding | Emily + Tyler

There were tears of sadness and tears of joy this weekend as Emily and Tyler said "I do."  It was Brenton and I's third trip to Waupun to celebrate with many familiar faces, but this time was different.  Since Hollie and Arnie's wedding last September, Hollie and Tyler's father had passed.  His absence left hearts heavy, but the joy of new love and new life brought smiles through the tears.  A bridesmaid who was pregnant at the first wedding now has beautiful happy baby girl.  Brenton and I are honored to be welcomed back to Waupun.  Photography is a job that we both have a lot of fun with, but we are too often reminded of just how important it is.  I couldn't help but tear up when they played a slideshow at the reception with a portion dedicated to Tyler's father.   I recently had an aunt taken too early by cancer.  It is a heavy hurt that came back to the surface during the slideshow, but I couldn't help but feel proud of a job well done when I saw a number of pictures that we took at Hollie and Arnie's wedding made the slideshow.  They were pictures that Brenton and I took.  They were sharp, they were vibrant, they were well executed--and now they are priceless.  They weren't the epic sunset pictures or a big dip kiss with the cheering wedding party----they were the quiet moments with dad and they were the family pictures.  The family pictures that nobody is very excited about, but we know are important so we take the time to do them well.

Thank you all for welcoming Brenton and I back to Waupun.  We are honored to come back.---and Congratulations Emily and Tyler!!!  We are so happy for you both :)

On to some happy pictures...

Emily got ready at her and Tyler's new home.  It was a gorgeous summer day in May---and Emily looked amazing.

Emily looks absolutely amazing.  That smile says it all :)

We met up with Tyler at a nearby park.  He was looking sharp waiting for Emily to arrive.

Emily and Tyler's moment together when they saw each other for the first time was so sweet.  :)

How excited and happy are these two :)

We met up with the rest of the group at the Rock River Country Club for pictures out on the golf course.  This group was fun---and certainly knew the picture drill since a number of them had seen us before.

These guys are so excited to start their lives together as husband and wife.


After the pictures at the park we headed to the church for the ceremony.

Love the moment of coming down the isle.  All the excitement and joy on both their faces is priceless.

They did it!!  Husband and Wife :)

On to the celebration at the Rock River Country Club.  Love the special cake knife and forks--super cute.

These two had fun on their cake smash.  :)

Emily and Tyler had a great game set up if guests wanted them to kiss.  They could write a poem, sing a song, or tell a story.  It was a treat every time somebody picked up the mic.  Grandpa even piped up with a poem that found a way to rhyme a drink request for a dry martini :)

The slideshow brought laughs and tears.  It ended on a high note and was greatly appreciated by all who watched.

We stepped outside for the bouquet toss and it was a gorgeous evening.

Guests had a laugh playing a game passing around a gift.  If you had the gift you were in the hot seat to select who got it next---by way of choosing who had the biggest nose, biggest spare tire, biggest flirt----good fun and laughs all around.

The highlight of the evening was the floating lanterns.  They were beautiful and a great way to remember...

From the bottom of our hearts, Brenton and I offer our deepest condolences for your loss and also many congratulations for bright future together. We are truly honored to be welcomed back.
---and will be back again in just a few weeks for another wedding :)

Venue: Rock River Country Club 
Flowers:  Bare Buds Floral
Photography:  us :)  Peer Canvas

Enjoy a few more pictures in the slideshow too!!
Thanks for watching :)