Barnacopia New Year's Eve Wedding in Polo IL | Brittney + Braden by Peer Canvas Rockford Photographer

Have you heard about Barnacopia????  It is a fabulous antique tractor museum, wedding venue and bed and breakfast in Polo IL.  Brittney and Braden were married there on New Year's Eve and it was A-MA-ZING!!!  

See the silo??  The bridal suite is up there?!? Can you say---Princess in a tower :)  And when you walk through the front entrance you are greeted by a see-through glass floor with tractor below.  It goes against all instincts---but you are meant to walk on it.  This place is busting at the seams with heart-warming details.

Yes, the bridal suite is up in that silo/tower.  LOVE.  Brittney wore a beautiful rose gold ring and vintage shoes.  The flowers were from The Flower Barrel in Clinton, WI.  It was a perfect crisp New Year's Eve for a great wedding.

So, this is what the inside of the top suite of the tower/silo looks like :)  Brittney is getting the final touches on her make-up before slipping into her dress from Julie's Bridal in Monroe, WI.

The bridal suite was absolutely magical.  The Bride definitely had a fairy tale morning getting ready.  Brenton and I loved the spiral staircase and overlooking balcony in the bridal suite at Barnacopia.  For her "something blue" the bride's mother made her a gorgeous shawl complete with an heirloom broach from her grandmother.

Brittney was beaming as she twirled in her dress from Julie's Bridal.  Twirling like a princess in the tower.  :) :)

Braden got ready on the third floor in the main barn.  There were pinball machines, a foosball table, a pool table and vintage cars.  We popped down to the second floor for a few pics with a shiny red mustang.

The groomsmen were all looking sharp.

Weddings are filled with happiness and love for those gathered---and often sadness for those no longer with us.  I never feel like my words can do justice for describing moments like these.....  A toast of gimlets was shared for the groom's late brother.    It was such a touching moment with Braden's siblings and father.  Brenton and I are honored to witness these moments and even more so to be trusted with documenting these times for them.

Back in the bridal suite Brittney's mother finally got to see her beautiful daughter.  Their faces say it all----tears of joy.

Next Brittney's father came to gather his lovely daughter and make their way to the ceremony.

Brittney and Braden's wedding ceremony was held on the second floor of the barn.  It was romantic with all of the twinkling christmas lights.  Just look at the smile on the groom's face as his bride comes down the isle!

The groom gave his wife a spin as the exited their ceremony and all their guest cheered.

Fun with family pictures :)

More of the happy families.

We took a few moments with that amazing mustang and the newlyweds for some pictures.  These two were so sweet together.

The balconies were great for the bride and groom to look down on their guests before joining them for cocktail hour.

Rock Vegas Events kept the tunes playing during the first dances and into the reception.  Brenton and I loved the many balconies around Barnacopia for getting a bird's eye view of the dances.

The bride and groom hit the dance floor with their guests for their New Year's Eve wedding.

We popped outside for a few pictures of the happy couple before heading back in for the rest of the New Year's Eve wedding festivities.  The glow of the reception in the barn behind them was the perfect backdrop.

Brittney and Braden---Many many congratulations to you both from Brenton and I!!!  We had a wonderful time at your New Year's Eve Wedding at Barnacopia!!  All our best to you in your future together as husband and wife----And thank you, thank you, thank you for choosing Peer Canvas!!

Peer Canvas