Rockford Burpee Museum Wedding | John + Kari by Peer Canvas Photographer

Congratulations John and Kari!!  Your wedding this weekend was so much fun---Brenton and I are very happy for you two!!  Everything came together wonderfully for a gorgeous October wedding.  Thank you so much for choosing Brenton and I to be a part of your beautiful wedding :)--and enjoy a few pictures!!

The ladies got ready at the Burpee Museum.  How amazing does Kari look!!   Her stunning dress was from Vera's house of Brides.  It was gorgeous---and Kari was working it :)

Check out the guys!! They also got ready in the boathouse behind the Burpee Museum.  They looked so stylish in their top hats, gloves, canes and suits with tales.   When a guy is done up this well---its impossible not to look smooth.

The ceremony was at St. Peter's Cathedral in Rockford and it was beautiful.  From the grand ceilings, and stained glass windows to the trumpet to announce the bride's entrance there was no shortage of grandeur.  Kari was beaming as she walked down the isle in her cathedral length veil.  In the choir loft, you can see one lady in red----the groom's niece.   Her beautiful voice was such an amazing personal touch to the ceremony.  She sang a number of songs, as well as a memorable Ave Maria while the bride and groom offered flowers to Mary.

How happy are these two?? They finally did it!! Mr. and Mrs. :)

Even the bride's dog Drago, put on his bow tie for the special day :)  What a handsome guy!  Love the bride and her puppy

Celebrating the newlyweds with the wedding party before the reception at the Burpee Museum in Rockford.  They were just a fantastic group of people.

Check out these gorgeous ladies :) ---and Kari was every bit of sassy in her fantastic gown and it was perfect.

Some time with just the newlyweds.  These two were beaming and and showed.  They reminded me a bit of Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Buttler.  Her gorgeous full gown and radiant confidence were and are the perfect match for John's smooth style.  These two go toe to toe---and heart to heart.

The bride and groom wrote each other amazing letters that they shared that day.  It was such a sweet and tender moment to see from these two.

It is time to celebrate!! The bride and groom made a smashing entrance to their reception at the Burpee Museum.  Their four tiered cake from Patricia's Patisserie was beautiful.

During the reception, the groom's niece serenaded the couple.  It spurred an impromtu first dance---followed by their real first dance.  It was a beautiful moment that brought tears to those who watched.

Father daughter, and mother son dances :)

More wedding celebration fun with the garter and bouquet toss :)

We ended the evening with a few last moments for a night picture with Kari and John on the bridge behind the Burpee Museum.  These two were having a fantastic evening that they will remember for the rest of their lives.  

Congratulations again you two!!  What a fantastic day!! Thank you for letting Brenton and I be a part of it!!---- Can't wait to start working on your video toooooooo!! Woo Hoo!

Peer Canvas