Oak Lane Oregon Wedding | Kim + Brian by Peer Canvas Photographer

Kim and Brian were married in September at Oak Lane in Oregon IL----and it was splashed with pops of orange---and it was just perfect.  Yep still a little bit of catching up on some glorious September weddings---sorry for the delay :)  on we go...

Kim wore a beautiful lace covered gown from Brandi's Bridal Galleria.  You may have seen a sneak peek of this shot earlier last month.  There were friendly pigs roaming the grounds at Oak Lane.  No wedding dresses were harmed in the making of this picture :)  In case you missed it, you can view the piggie picture HERE.  oink.   The shoes and bouquet were so eye-catching in tangerine orange----absolutely love!!  Flowers from Merlin's Greenhouse.

The lovely bride Kim getting ready for the big day.  Her hair was fiery and it looked amazing.  Hair and makeup by Karma Salon and Spa. Love that the pops of orange were carried through to the stitching on the special handkerchief for the mother of the bride.

The guys all looking sharp and also sporting the pops of tangerine orange over charcoal gray suits.  What a great look for fall!! Also pictured are the groom's son and daughter having a moment with their dad.  I love being there to capture moments like these.

The bride and groom saw each other for the first time as she made her way down the isle at their ceremony at Oak Lane.  Kim looked beautiful----and the look on Brian's face as she walked down the isle was priceless.

Rather than a unity candle, the bride and groom made an abstract painting together.  The bride, groom, and his two children were all incorporated as they each contributed a color of paint.  It is great to incorporate the children as it is a big day for them as well.  Just look at the smiles of the newlyweds as they exit their ceremony!!  Beaming :)

Fun with the whole wedding party---and how excited are the kids on the end!?!  Adorable.

We stole away with the bride and groom for a few moments with just the two of them.  It is so romantic in the golden sunlight swinging under the tree.  And how great that they get a few moments to soak it all in...  And those shoes :)  I may need a pair of orange shoes in my wardrobe...

How gorgeous is everything going on here?  The cathedral pines, the golden sunset, and the bride and groom!! Couldn't ask for a more perfect day with two wonderful people.

We made our way back to the reception---and a mouth watering dessert table.  The desserts were just as delicious as they looked---yum.  Cake and desserts by Baked by Liz

The bride and groom cutting their cake and making a smashing entrance to their reception.  fun fun :)

First dances under the twinkling lights of the barn reception at Oak Lane.  So very romantic.

We popped outside for a few last pictures with the newlyweds under that romantic swing and the stars.  Congratulations Kim and Brian!!  Brenton and I wish you nothing but the best and thank you for choosing us to be a part of your Big Day!!

Peer Canvas