She said YES!! DC Estate Winery Proposal | Darin + Elizabeth by Peer Canvas

Darin and Elizabeth have been dating for 5 years, and today is the day that he finally pops the question at DC Estate Winery.  It was a day filled with surprises, family, and love.  Darin put a lot of thought into this special day.  He had a wine bottle engraved with his marriage proposal to Elizabeth---How romantic is this guy??  He even made sure to include both his and her family on his big plans----and--She said YES!!  So happy for these two!! Congratulations!!

Darin's plan started with having their pictures pop up in the slideshow playing in the background.

Then came the bottle of wine engraved with the words of his proposal... sooo romantic :)

Family that was hiding in the wings came out to celebrate with the newly engaged couple as soon as she said YES!!  Cheers!!

We had an impromptu photo session out in the vines around DC Estate winery.  This guy had all kinds of props at the ready for the pictures including a "finally" sign.

You couldn't wipe the smiles off even if you tried.

Darin is setting the bar pretty high :)

A romantic dip kiss in the vines by the newly engaged couple.  Love everything about it.

Darin even had this "engaged" sign for their special day as well.

All the family here to celebrate.  Love how enthusiastic Elizabeth's brother was!  Everyone was so genuinely happy for them---such a wonderful thing to see.

The gorgeous ring picked out by the groom.

The wine bottle and glasses that he had engraved.  Along with the special rose.

Darin is a football coach, so naturally there would need to be some football incorporated.  LOVE all the thought that was put into this!

The whole gang---with all the grandparents here to celebrate as well.  How completely wonderful!

And lastly, Brenton and I congratulating the newly engaged couple.  Congats again Darin and Elizabeth!! So happy to be a part of such a wonderful day!!

Do you know someone thinking about proposing?  Are you that guy out there looking for ideas to do something over the top??  What are you waiting for??  Give us a call/text/fb/email we would love to help!  

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