Fourth of July Celebration

Marjorie and I had a blast celebrating the birth of our nation.  Many thanks to all who serve and who are serving to continue to make this day possible.  What better way is there to celebrate than spending the day with family and trying our hand at some amazing photography.

We enjoyed the Beloit fireworks display across from the ABC headquarters behind Beloit Memorial.  The weather was perfect and we could even hear the orchestra playing from across the Rock River at Harry's Place.

After the great show, we continued the evening at a backyard bonfire.  We had really been looking forward to trying some long-exposure pictures with the family.  It turned out amazing!! It was fun to experiment with and the family enjoyed the show.

Marjorie may or may not have gotten up close and personal with a spark on this one. ...   

I can't believe that Marjorie's mom had perfect timing with her cell phone to capture this behind the scenes picture of our set up.  Great Timing to get the picture when the flash went off!!  It kind of looks like I am holding a light saber :)

Me and my wonderful wife celebrating with sparklers and family.  We bought these at Stateline Fireworks and were the only people walking out of there with ONLY sparklers looking TOTALLY pumped.  Even the sales guy was like----"long way just for sparklers"  But we had big plans for fun long exposure photography.. So yea---just sparklers. 

Mr. and Mrs. Peer getting in on the sparkler fun

Mr. and Mrs. Driscoll even joined in as well.

From our family to yours----I hope everyone had a safe and happy fourth of July!

Peer Canvas