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DC Estate Winery
Dirty Fishnet Stockings

Dirty Fishnet Stockings performed live  at DC Estate Winery this weekend and it was a blast.  Dirty Fishnet Stockings is a group of guys bringing the love of true Rockabilly back to the Stateline Area.  They played a great mix of music that ranged from Johnny Cash, Elvis, to the Stray Cats and more.

Ted O'Donnel - Lead Vocal
Harry Euhus - Guitar/Vocal
Tony Farthing - Upright Bass/ Vocal
Bill Englund - Drums

Many of you probably recognize the lead singer Ted----he also is a fantastic DJ with Luxe Productions.

DC Estate Winery kept the wine flowing as people mingled and danced through their tasting room and gorgeous outdoor pavilion.  DC Estate a beautiful get-a-way destination located minutes from I-90.  It was a wonderful wedding venue close to Rockford, Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison.

Thank you to DC Estate Winery for hosting this great event and to Dirty Fishnet Stockings for their fun and energetic performance.

Enjoy a video snippet of the fun and pictures below :)


We had a bottle of Creekside White.  It was crisp refreshing and perfect way to enjoy the afternoon.

Anybody recognize who Ted is dancing with??  Yes that is Tia!!  Tia is your wedding day coordinator for all the brides that book their wedding at DC Estate Winery.

Dirty Fishnet Stockings Drummer - Bill Englund

Little guy Mason was there for the music as well.  He was the ring bearer for the very first wedding at DC Estate Winery of Emily and Nate.

What what?? is that a new canvas in the DC Estate Winery gift shop???  Sure is :)  So happy for the couple in the picture - Erin and Matt.  Their wedding at DC Estate Winery was beautiful.

Peer Canvas