Anderson Japanese Gardens Wedding Franchesco’s Ristorante Reception – Kristina and Sim

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Brenton and I are so very happy to share with you the beautiful wedding of Kristina and Sim.  This couple is so sweet, warm and friendly that they instantly felt like family.  We originally met them at the 2014 Bridal Expo at Franchesco’s Ristorante.  Yes, in March of 2014.  Time was of the essence to get everything together for their upcoming wedding this May.  I may may have raised my eyebrows when Kristina confirmed that her wedding was THIS May.  But hey----Brenton and I also pulled together our wedding in about three months after getting engaged.  So it can be done and it can be absolutely beautiful.  We even managed to squeeze in a fantastic engagement shoot with these two wonderful people.  We did their shoot by the Water Tower Place in downtown Chicago----the same place where Sim proposed to Kristina :)
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The bride, Kristina, wore an exquisite gown from Kathryn’sBridal and Dress shop.  Kristina shared with me that her dress was the floor sample which was shy she was able to get her gown so quickly.  The lace up back and chiffon layers of her mermaid gown were absolutely perfect for Kristina.  Her mother was just in heaven getting her daughter ready.  I just loved the moment when Kristina’s father saw her for the first time.  Those moments are so precious.  Another great moment was when Kristina opened card and necklace from the groom.  The bride’s and wedding party’s flowers were by Stephanie from Flowers byStem.  Kristina was so very pleased with how Stephanie knew the exact type of orchid that would match the bridesmaids dresses.  I have to say I was impressed too.  The bridesmaids dresses were beautiful---and having the flowers match perfectly---and the ties on the guys---it really all popped fantastically.

The groom, Sim, looked extra sharp.  The details were great----the laces for his shoes, hand tied bowtie, polka dot pocket square.  It may have taken several people’s attempts (Guy Guy the videographer even gave it a shot) and a number of YouTube videos to get the bowtie tied, but it was well worth it.  Sim also received a gift from Kristina.   It was a great pair of headphones that he would soon use on the airplane ride for their honeymoon.
Their ceremony was held at Anderson Japanese Gardens and they couldn’t have gotten a more perfect day.  The sun was shining down and the guests got to soak in the beautiful gardens while listening to the sweat sounds of Bow Time.  The melodies of the marimba and violin were so inviting and calming.  The gardens were abloom with flowers.  When Kristina crossed over the bridge with her father to enter her ceremony it truly felt like a fairy tail.  Doug Thiesen from Heartland Church was the Officiant.  As Kristina and Sim looked through the pictures of the ceremony they were both very touched by how happy Doug was for them.  His warm heart and genuine happiness really came shining through.

We made our way through the gardens for pictures after the ceremony.  We stopped by the waterfall, crossed over another bridge---and soaked in the moment and drank in that gorgeous sunlight.  Guy Guy (videographer) Brenton and I all were having a blast in the beautiful setting and great light.  We are all so happy for Kristina and Sim to have such a great day----and to have it well documented with pictures and video.  What a complete treasure to have these moments for yourself----and to share with your future generations.
The wedding party (the bride and grooms siblings and cousins) had the SUV decorated and happily greeted the newlyweds and whisked them off to the reception in Frank’s Room at Francheso’s Ristorante.  The cake was made Francheso’s and the beautiful centerpieces were by Event Floral.  The centerpieces had flowers and candles in vases and really added to the ambiance.  Kristina shared with me how blown away she was with the service that she got from Erin at Event Floral.  She basically have her a color pallet and a basic idea and her budget and then Erin made it happen. 

Sim (groom) took much time and care to put together a great slideshow for the reception.  It had pictures and video from childhood, from when he proposed, and even everyday life with their dogs.  The slideshow was a big hit with everyone and ended with the words from the song----Home is wherever I’m with you.  I of course love these kinds of details and made sure that that phrase would have a special place in their wedding album.

The DJ, Joel Quest from Conquest-Entertainment got the party started.  Although I have to admit---these families loved to dance so it didn’t take much.  Kristina and Sim had their first dance, then the parent dances with speeches and toasts mixed in.  One of my favorite pictures from the reception is of Kristina dancing with her mother and her aunts.  When I took the picture I knew it was a special moment with her mom—but then as Kristina saw the picture she shared that the other ladies were her mother’s sisters---her aunts.  What a gem of a picture to have.  It’s not perfectly composed, it’s not perfectly exposed---but the moment and who is in it is what makes it EPIC in my book.  Brenton and I are so happy  to give moments like that to our couples. 

Throughout the day we had heard conversations in Spanish, French and English.  Kristina and Sim’s wedding was a wonderful meltingpot that brought together a beautiful mix of cultures and love.  It was fantastic to share in your day.  Here’s to the Happy Couple!!  All the best wishes of love and happiness from Brenton and I.  :)

Giving Credit ...

Ceremony Venue - Anderson's Japanese Gardens

Reception - Franchesco's Ristorante

Bride's Bouquet and Wedding Party Flowers - Flowers by Stem

The Dress - Katheryn's Bridal and Dress Shop

Ceremony Music (Marimba and Violin) - Bow Time

Officiant - Doug Thiesen from Heartland Church

DJ - Joel Quest from Conquest Entertainment

Videographer - Guy Guy from Our Wedding Movie

Enjoy some more pictures in their Wedding Slideshow J J

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