Albums and Prints ready to go to their new homes :)

Brenton and I have been on a whirlwind adventure that has taken us from Houston, Milwaukee, up to the Waubee Lodge in VERY northern WI, straight back down to Houston---beelined over to Florida to then finally make our way home. In total 4 weddings and a funeral. Brenton had a birthday---and we even had a photo-shoot for a Congressman! Some days were beautiful, some days were very hard. But here's to all the friends and family that were there along the way--and to all the support from those that were back home. Thanks Dad for taking care of our puppies, and thanks mom for being a trooper and learning to use our camera a bit so we could get a few pictures of Brenton and I too. 

Our trusty goPro went for this crazy journey and was dunked in the oceans and pools and documented many a mile put on our car.  That little camera is pretty fantastic.  We keep finding new ways to have fun with that little gadget.  While on this trip with the goPro, we purchased the suction cup mount so that we could take some time-lapses of the many many many a mile that we put on our car.  We captured some beautiful sunsets and also what a machine Brenton can be at driving for long stretches of time while I nod off in the passengers seat.
Thank you to all our brides and grooms for your patience.  Our laptop went with and we did get some editing done on the road---and now have some great albums and prints all set to go out to their new homes!

Can you spot any of your pictures?
A few hints----there are some pictures from Navy Pier in there, and some from a farm... and also a very beautiful wedding album from Chicago.  I cannot wait for all of you to get your wonderful goodies.

Did I mention that somewhere in the mix---that we finally got custom USB drives?  So now when you get your digital images they will come on wooden custom USB drives with a magnetic cap closure.  It was like Christmas when the box of USBs finally arrived.

More updates and overdue congratulations to come :)

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