Navy Pier Engagement Pictures behind-the-scenes by Peer Canvas Chicago Wedding Photographer

Yesterday Brenton and I had a blast with Kelsey and Fred at Navy Pier.  Yes, we rode the Ferris wheel and the Wave Swinger.  As we were driving into Chicago we could see a strange cloud as we approached down town.  We couldn’t decide if it was a cloud, smog or fog.  As luck would have it, the cloud in question was right on Navy Pier.  It gave the whole shoot an misty/foggy night in Paris look which we ended up really enjoying.  Everywhere else was sunny, and then a little cloud of mystery surrounded the Pier.  Weird—but turned out to look really cool in the pictures.   In some the top of the Ferris Wheel disappears into the fog.  Kinda cool J

Enjoy a couple behind-the-scenes photos of Brenton and I from our fun times at Navy Pier.  In the Ferris Wheel pictures of me, I was setting up the GoPro (little miniature fun camera)  I really need to remember to just go ahead a smile and look right into that GoPro since it IS taking my picture too in the set up process.  Next time, next time…

In the picture of Brenton that I snapped----while he may look like the saddest little boy at the carnival---I promise he was having a good time too. 

There was so much fun and joy to capture----It has been a blessing to do all of this with you Brenton.  Love you!! 

More pictures from Navy Pier to come J

Peer Canvas