Kitty Friend helper on Peer Canvas Engagement Shoot

Brenton and I had a great engagement shoot in the country yesterday.  The sun was shining, the clouds were beautiful, the couple was having fun----and then we acquired a little helper…. A little kitty-friend helper J  The kitten was friendly enough, but of course she was all about snuggling up to Brenton---who is allergic.  As it turns out, the groom is allergic too and little kitty-friend has a knack for honing in on people who are allergic and snuggling up to them J  Thankfully Brenton is not near as allergic as he was a child.  We would need an EpiPen on hand if he were.

Stay tuned for some great sneak peeks from this session.  We got out a great old time tractor, rustic barn, and sweeping landscapes in this beautiful engagement shoot.  Can’t wait to share J

Peer Canvas