Ann and Hal in Love for Keeps

Ann and Hal are such a sweet reminder that you can find love at any age.  In the movie it is easy to see how they would interact in everyday life.  Joking around playing scrabble, playing guitar and spontaneous dancing.  Brenton and I are thrilled to be working with them for their wedding in June. 

Hal plays scrabble on a regular basis and it is something that him and Ann enjoy doing together.  It only made sense to incorporate what they love doing together into their engagement pictures.  They came prepared not only with their favorite swivel bottom scrabble board, but with their regular drinks and scoring sheet.  Hal is usually the one to win, but Ann beats him every now and again.

Hal also brought along his guitar.  To say that I was excited is an understatement.  I usually keep my audio recorder around for such occasions---and luckily I had mine charged up for this day.  The audio in the movie is actually from the shoot of Ann and Hal singing and playing guitar together.  They laughed and plunked around on the guitar and it was a treat to see how happy they are together. 

They rounded out the shoot by setting down the guitar and dancing together.  It was romantic and sweet to say the least.  Ann and Hal have not lost the child-like happiness and love for life and each other.  I couldn’t help but hope for the same for Brenton and I someday J

Shot at the beautiful facility of North Pointe Wellness
by Peer Canvas 

Please take the time to enjoy the movie and share with others to put a smile on their face too J

Peer Canvas