Super Girly Frilly Fun Time

Yesterday I went to visit my favorite fashion designer Deborah Villanueva.  I had some canvas prints to deliver and I couldn’t wait to see Deborah’s reaction.  They were four 24x36 canvas prints of my favorite images from four different shoots we did that featured original dress designs by Deborah Villanueva.  I was so excited to see Deborah’s reaction since I knew how much I LOVED how the canvases had turned out.   When I was putting them together with my husband Brenton---all I could think was---Why haven’t I put something together this awesome for our place???  

Deborah did not disappoint on having an over-the-top reaction to the arrival of the canvas prints.  She couldn’t help but sit and stare at them and be in such awe over the work that the two of us have done in little over a year.  It really is impressive to see our creations in final form---for me the canvas prints—and for Deborah some of the dresses are still on display in her studio.  How fantastic will it be to have the dress on display and then to be able to show---this is how it photographs!  I know that the brides that go to her studio will be in heaven with all of he possibilities for their perfect dream wedding dress.

I noticed that Deborah was also working on a new design and I couldn’t help but snap a few pictures of it.  It was a beautiful bodice of a dress with hand crafted roses and sparkly beadwork.  It used different warm beige shades of silk and had a wonderful layer that crisscrossed across the middle to really accentuate the waist.  I absolutely loved it.  Deborah also debated adding a single strap of roses that I also thought was a brilliant idea. 

As Deborah contemplated the strap of roses she brought out a slew of petticoats that she has future plans for.  That was when Lilly (Deborah’s daughter) joined the fun.  It was time for Super Girly Frilly Fun Time.  We had an impromptu shoot with ponytails, petticoats, and mother daughter fun time.  These kinds of shoots sometimes end up being the best.  No stress of planning, just spontaneous fun. 

Plans are in the works for our next shoot.  We are thinking Prom!  Can’t wait!
Peer Canvas