Peer Canvas Holiday Guessing Game

It is the time of year, when Brenton and I are hard at work on many projects that are destined to be Christmas presents for the wonderful friends, family and customers that we have in our lives.  And anyone that knows me at all, knows that I am miserable at keeping these things a surprise J  When we have something finished I absolutely can’t wait to show the person it is for.  So, this year I have come up with a way to share the surprises----without spoiling them altogether.  Pictures of the surprises that still keep you guessing a bit.  Remember way back in school when we used to get those little magazines in the back they had a handful of extreme close up pictures of things and you all would guess what they were?  I have no idea what those magazines were called—seems like maybe you could also order books from them, and they had a few science articles, but my favorite part was guessing what the pictures were of.  So, here is the Peer Canvas Holiday version of the picture guessing game.  Anyone have any guesses as to what the item is?  Who is it for? I may or may not (he he) tell you if you are right J

Peer Canvas