Jim Frosty visits Beloit Memorial High School

More on the Season of Giving…
Jim Frosty visits Beloit Memorial High School

It is the season of giving, and Brenton and I love to help bring a smile to the kids faces---or at least video and photograph the people who are, namely Security Officer Jim Driscoll.  Mr. Driscoll is a security officer at Beloit Memorial High School, Brenton’s father, and an all around good guy who hands out chips from Frito Lay as well has smarty-pants comments to keep the kids in line.  You may remember last year when he dressed up as the Grinch.  Well, this year it was Jim Frosty the Snowman who helped the kids in the crosswalk on their last day of school before winter break.

Enjoy a laugh and a smile as Jim Frosty works the crosswalk and smiles with the Staff at Beloit Memorial.

Happy Holidays and safe driving out there!

in case you missed it, here is last year's video with the Grinch

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