Rockford Wed Bridal Expo Bridal Art Piece Reveal

Rockford Wed Bridal Expo

Brenton and I were so happy to meet with a bunch of lovely brides at the Rockford Wed Bridal Expo yesterday.  It is a lot of fun to see all their sparkling new rings and hear their plans for their big day with all of their fun themes and new ideas.  But it is also important to remember what really matters.  At the end of the day if you had a huge and extravagant wedding, you are still just as married as if you had a small wedding---and what will you have to remember the day?  Will it matter if you had that 4th option for appetizers?  Or would your money be better spent on a beautiful wedding album that you can turn the pages and relive your day?  Will you regret going with a budget photographer because all you have is a disc of images in a drawer somewhere?  Or will you have an heirloom art piece on the wall that makes you smile and remember every time you see it….  Today I got to reveal such an art piece to one of my brides…

Kellie and Michael were married September in Galena, IL and the reception was at Oak Lane, in Oregon IL.  Brenton and I had the privilege of photographing their wedding.  As Kellie was putting on her wedding gown (made by Deborah Villanueva)  everything about it was absolutely perfect.  The morning light was dreamy, the room was filled with love, her mom was smiling, and I knew as she slipped into her exquisite gown that I had to draw her.  I KNEW the exact picture I would use for making the drawing.  She was stunning---and I was inspired to create.

I finished the piece and framed it the night before the expo and I had the thought that maybe I should give Kellie a call to come see it…  Things got busy at the expo and I still had that thought that I should just call her and see if she happened to have the time to stop in.  I called---and it turns out she had the time.  Kellie and Michael came and were the absolute high light of my day.---maybe even the week---to see the look on Kellie’s face when I surprised her with the finished piece.  Nothing is more rewarding, more overwhelming, or more emotional for me that.  So much of yourself goes into what you create.  We all shed a few tears of joy.  It was great.

Thank you Kellie and Michael for bringing Brenton and I in to be a part of your day and for letting us share your story with others.  It is a privilege.

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