Peer Canvas Dry Creek Estate Deborah Villanueva Vineyard Bridal Fashion Shoot Teaser

This week we had a blast doing a vineyard bridal fashion shoot. 
We worked with…
Deborah Villanueva – Artful Dressmaking
Ashley Bingham from Dry Creek Estate
And Tia from Capstone Occasions
and us of course :)

A little backstory…

Ashley and her family are building a vineyard.  Dry Creek Estate is going to be a sought after location for weddings.  The sunsets will be incredible and what could be more romantic than a vineyard for your wedding?  They are booking weddings for next summer, and if you are interest you need to act fast.

When Ashley and I met, it was through Tia from Capstone Occasions.  Tia will be working with Dry Creek to assist the brides with planning their weddings and also helping as a day-of event coordinator. 

Ashley was very interest in documenting the construction of the building—and this is such a great idea.  All of the planning and dreams actually going from blueprint to reality is such a thrill that you want to remember.  But, oh the fun will hardly stop there for us J We had to do a Tuscan bridal shoot there as soon as possible.

There was no question of the person to call for getting a fabulous wedding dress----Deborah Villanueva.  And let me tell you, she did not disappoint.  I knew I was calling her up last minute but she had just the dress.  Deborah had just completed a total redesign of her own wedding gown just a few days prior to my call!  I know in one of my previous blog posts I spoke about----If you do good work, it will find a home.  It was so powerful to see that coming true again.  There was no real reason for Deborah to rework her wedding dress, but she did because she loves what she does.  She loves to make and create for the sheer passion of what she does.  And now that good work would go right into use with our vineyard project.  Deborah and I had the biggest grins when she showed me her own bridal gown and we both knew it would be perfect.

Since the dress was Deborah’s own wedding gown, there was no question that she had to be the one to wear it.  This made the shoot extra special for me.  I know that Deborah had mentioned before how she wished that she had beautiful pictures from her own wedding.  Shooting her at this fabulous vineyard wearing her own gown was the perfect opportunity for me to recreate some of that magic for her. 

We went into the shoot with the goal of nailing 2 or 3 stellar shots, but everything was so beautiful that we couldn’t help but shoot some video as well.  The video attached is a complete teaser of the behind the scenes fun that we had.  Deborah’s daughter was our fabulous little helper for fluffing the dress and veil.  We got to sample some wine (yum) and even ride four-wheelers around the construction site.  We had an absolute blast and can’t wait to do it again.   The vines will grow, the building will go up…  I can see it.  Dry Creek will be magical.  Thank you Ashley and family for inviting us be a part of it. 

Enjoy a look at the fun behind the scenes.
Good Good – More fun to come!
We can’t wait to show you the rest.

Come see the full video at the Rockford Wed Expo this Sunday

TEASER Peer Canvas Deborah Villanueva Dry Creek Bride in the Vines Vineyard Wedding from Peer Canvas on Vimeo.
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