Adventures in Galena

This last weekend, Brenton and I made our first trip to Galena, IL with one of our wonderful wedding couples.

First things first, the mission was to help the lovely couple scout out locations for their wedding ceremony.  Brenton and I had never been to Galena, so this was the perfect opportunity to check it out and also scout great little spots for pictures.  Galena did not disappoint.

Kellie and Michael’s wedding is this fall and can’t you just imagine how beautiful the trees will be for their wedding?  They plan on having an outdoor ceremony, which will be divine when these trees provide a wonderful canopy of color.

While in Galena, we also took the time to stroll the streets and stop in for a beer and good food at the Galena Brewery.  The food was delicious and the flights of beers were a refreshing break to the day.  Afterwards we walked off our food and drinks by going up and up and up an endless flight of stairs.  They brought us to a delightful chapel with the cutest side garden.   It was a little too narrow for holding the ceremony, but it is certainly a spot that we may venture back to for a couple pictures.  My favorite spot of the afternoon might be the fire escape stairs.  I can just picture the sunset sky and her flowing gown on the stairs.  It will be epic.

The last stop we made in Galena was to the little pottery place that I mentioned in the last blog post.  The one where the guy is never actually there, and if you would like to purchase something, there is an “honesty policy” box where you deposit your money---our even an “IOU” if you are short on funds.  The wares were fun and made us laugh.  Kellie cracked me up imitating the faces on the figurines.  Michael found the one thing that wasn’t for sale in the store.  Brenton spotted a card reading “fartist” ---not exactly sure what that was about.  There was a TV reading “art is dead”---I disagree.  Sadly (not pictured) there was a jacket with molded clay poo coils on it.  It had some crazy other message that went with it.  The poo jacket seemed like a bit of a contrast to the other fun stuff in the pottery store, but all in all the pottery store was certainly worth the stop.

First trip to Galena was a success and obviously we will be going back for the wedding this fall! 
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