Road Trip to Galena

We are getting ready to leave on a mini-road trip to Galena, IL in order to help scout out a wedding ceremony location for one of our favorite engaged couples, Kellie and Michael.  Both Kellie and Michael have been to Galena many times, but for Brenton and I this will be our first time.  After their original location for the ceremony fell through, we are all headed to Galena to find the perfect spot for them to say “I do.”

For Kellie and Michael Galena has been a memorable spot for childhood vacations with scenic views and great food.  One of the attractions that I hope to see is a guy who does pottery.  He is locally famous for leaving his pottery out for people to buy even when he is not there.  As Michael told it, he is a local icon, and people who come to buy his pottery are almost disappointed if he IS there when they venture to his studio.

Kellie and Michael have a couple of outdoor locations in mind for the ceremony that we will be checking out and determining which will be the best spot.    We are looking forward to spending some time with this wonderful couple and checking out a new location.  Lord knows, Brenton and I are probably due for a little vacation ourselves and would love to add a spot to our vacation wish list.

Pictures from Galena coming soon J
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