Janesville Country Club Wedding | Tricia + Paul

Brenton and I have been truly blessed to be a part of some incredible weddings.  Tricia and Paul's journey to the alter was nothing short of amazing and we have no doubt that they will have a wonderful future together with the incredible love that they have for one another.  These two are all heart and filled with incredible strength.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Tricia and Paul for choosing Brenton and I to be a part of your beautiful wedding---It was most definitely an honor :)

Tricia and the ladies got ready at the Holiday Inn Express in Janesville, WI.  This Inn is a great hidden gem.  How lovely is Tricia as she looks in the mirror for the first time to see herself as the gorgeous bride...  Also, we love all the details with special laces and heirloom fabrics used for her garter.---what a great way to incorporate meaningful details.

Tricia had her new name embroidered on a special swatch of fabric and then hand sewn to her dress by her mom and aunt that day.  We see in the top right of the image below Tricia and her twin sister, Kristin, adjusting her beautiful necklace (gift from the groom).  We also can see the necklace on Kristin---which is the symbol of the Gemini.  The Gemini is their birth sign---which Tricia sketched out---and was crafted into a remarkable necklace for her twin sister/maid of honor.  Below we see Cheryl (Bride's mother) getting teary-eyed as she sees her daughter for the first time.  Love that the bride's twin sister Kristin is smiling in the background :)  Did I mention that we are doing Kristin's wedding in a few weeks!?!  I absolutely love all of these moments.

The groom, Paul, arrived at St. John Vianney and opened his gifts from the bride.  The gifts were thoughtful and the card was heartfelt. They brought tears to more than just the groom.

Their journey to the alter was amazing. My words fall short of just how much strength, love, and determination against all odds this couple has.  Days before their engagement pictures Paul was in a motorcycle accident.  His life hung in the balance, and he ended up losing his leg.  We got word from Tricia that the wedding was on hold---let alone Paul's life.  Brenton and I have had our own journey to get to the alter, and can only imagine what their world was like for the upcoming months.  When we got word that it was all-systems-go, we were beyond thrilled for them.  After seeing the care for each other and Paul's drive during the engagement shoot-----Brenton and I were completely in awe.  We can only assume there were good days and bad, but the spirit and perseverance of Paul was and is second to none.  The fact that he DROVE the car to their engagement shoot AND stood for the ceremony... yes HE STOOD...was remarkable enough. He was even able to walk his new bride out for the grand exit of the church.  Hats off... amazing.. and it doesn't stop there. 

The wedding party went for a spin in a limo from Fantasy Limousine after the wedding.  We took the scenic route on the way to the Janesville Country Club and it was a great way to soak in some of the fantastic day.

We took a few group pictures out on the course at the Janesville Country Club with everyone.  It was a beautiful day and their was much to celebrate.  

After the group pictures, we headed off with just Tricia and Paul.  How sweet are these two.  We are sooo happy for them :)

We zipped around the Janesville Country Club Golf Course on a couple of golf carts. It was a great way to get an extra breeze on a warm day.  Brenton and I were happy to send the couple off early---- to soak in the sunset with a few moments alone.  Your wedding day is full of so many people and things to fit in.  You rarely get a moment to yourself with the groom to just BE.  Just BE and soak it in----these two deserve that and so much more.

We scampered off to the gorgeous reception.  Floral Expressions went above and beyond with their flowers.  They had amazing flowers at the church, and they did not let those amazing flowers that lined the isles go to waste. Floral Expressions transported those flowers for double duty at the receptions.  AMAZING.  Excellent service, GORGEOUS flowers, Floral Expressions for the win :)  How about that dessert table?!?  The desserts and cake were by The Sweet Life Bakery. Scrumptious and beautiful.  And the Linens by Event Floral were spot on!! The menus, invitations, and ceremony programs were printed through Magnet Street.  The staff at the Janesville Country Club, exquisite flowers from Floral Expressions, along with perfect linens from Event Floral came together for a breathtaking reception for an amazing couple.

The Sweet Life Bakery made their four-tiered cake.  Tricia was excited to cut into the third layer of the cake----the coconut layer :)  How perfect.

So, not only did Paul walk out of the ceremony---but this guy DANCED HIS FIRST DANCE. There is nothing holding this guy back.   Tricia's parents are pictured below looking on at their first dance along with the father daughter dance.  These are all such incredible moments and is an absolute privilege to be there for them. I'm not going to lie----I get choked up witnessing and remembering all of this as I write.  It is an honor to be there----and they got VIDEO!! YAY!! There will be video coming soon :)

The grooms brother did double duty as best man and dj from Versatile Sounds for the reception.

So there is more-----as we sat for dinner amongst their guests---it sank in even more just how amazing this day was for everyone.  We were seated for dinner with a  group of Paul's patients.  Paul (the groom) is a cardiologist. Dr. Volkert not only saved their lives---but was someone who they called a friend.  We were told the incredible stories of how Paul touched each of their lives; how deeply grateful and happy they were, and are, for him.  Its hard not to feel humbled by Dr. Volkert as well as a deep admiration as well for Tricia.  She is an incredible woman with an unwavering love for Paul.  Her parents, friends and family were so outwardly happy for them.  It was truly an honor to be there.

The details at the reception were everywhere that you took the time to look.  Tricia had the cutest drink mixers, custom straw attachments, and cocktail napkins made by For Your Party.  They all had sweet messages and thanks for being their to celebrate with them.

We ended the evening with one last moment with the newlyweds by candlelight.  The sign says it all----They lived happily ever after.  

Tricia and Paul----Brenton and I wish you nothing but joy and happiness in your future together.  We are blessed to know you and be a part of your wedding.  We look forward to seeing you again very soon at Kristin and Ryan's wedding.  You have an incredible story to tell and we are honored to be able to tell it.  Many blessings on you and your future---and thank you again for inviting Brenton and I to be a part of your incredible day----it was an honor :)

All the Best!! 

Brenton and Marjorie 

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