Rockford Coronado Theatre Wedding | Nicole + John Forever Starts Tonight

Last night was the AMAZING wedding of Nicole and John at the Coronado Theatre in Rockford IL.  There were lights, cameras and action... there was dancing and singing---loved ones and laughing.. the songs are still going through our heads.  The night was absolutely magical---and their wedding/production/ title said it all Forever Starts Tonight.  Last night was absolutely all that and more.. #foreverstartstonight  Breton and I could not be happier for you all.  All of the planning, choreography, crafting, and dreaming came together in a night that no one will ever forget.

We put together just a few sneak peeks because these are too good not to share as soon as possible!
The day started with everyone in their dressing rooms.  Bridesmaids and groomsmen both hands waving and toes tapping as they practiced their numbers.  You could tell the bride and groom both were taking in how big the day was.  All of the time they had put into this...  This was the roll of their lives.  I couldn't help but think back to the muppet movies when they would show all of the behind the scenes of how exciting it was backstage.  Nicole and John's backstage moments held all of the same magic and more from childhood muppet memories.  In the pictures below we see both Nicole and John having a reflective moment (no pun intended :) ) as they soak in the day.  Nicole had a wonderful hug with both of her parents - Cindy and Steve.  I'm really not sure who was more excited to see all of this come to life.

Nicole and John had their first look in the dazzling lobby of the Coronado.  John was so so so good not to sneak a peek before he was supposed to.  Nicole had a moment with the bridal party on the balcony before going down to see her future husband.

Just look at this amazing wedding party!!  Dressed to the nines and ready to get this show on the road.  Love all the ornate details around the Coronado.  Gorgeous.
No detail was overlooked.  There were playbills for everyone to read about this wedding production.  The room was a buzz with excitement.  Guests were excited---this would be no ordinary wedding.

After a brief introduction, the curtains raised and a movie was played----the love story of Nicole and John.  We have that movie for you here to enjoy!! It was a blast to make and it certainly had Brenton and I excited for their wedding.  The video shares the story of how Nicole and John met and then how he proposed.  It was an absolutely wonderful way to share with all of their families their amazing story---and it certainly set the stage for the rest of the ceremony/performance.  (side note I CAN'T WAIT to start the edit on their wedding video--yes you heard it right, there is a wedding video coming woo hoo!!)

The video ends, the curtains close over the movie screen----the crowd is wide eyed and all smiles ready to see what comes next.  The groomsmen (plus one groomslady?--yes I will call her a groomslady) entered the stage by rising up from the pit below (pictured bottom right) as they sang to Seasons of Love - from Rent.  John had a smashing solo and Nicole was stunning as she came down the isle.  I know I wasn't the only one with the adrenaline going---it was SHOW TIME.  Yes, Seasons of love is still buzzing in my head.

The reception was held on the stage, with the theatre seats as the gorgeous backdrop.  Nicole and John snuck up to the balcony for a moment to soak in the day and to get a bird's eye view of their reception party.  During the first dances, a slide show of pictures were projected onto the huge city-scape background.  The pictures brought back many fond memories----while they were also making all new memories of a lifetime.

For the grande finale we went outside with sparklers by the marquee.  I couldn't have asked for anything more.  Brenton and I are exhausted in the best way.  Yesterday was nonstop excitement from start to finish and we were working hard not to miss a moment of it.  There are so many more great moments/pictures/and movies to share :)  soon soon soon!!

#foreverstartstonight = everything and more  Congratulations again from the bottom of our hearts!!  and thank you thank you thank you for choosing Brenton and I to be a part of your fantastic day.

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