Ann + Hal | OLA Wedding Merrill and Houston Ironworks Hotel Reception by Peer Canvas Photographer

Brenton and I are so happy to share the wonderful wedding of Ann and Hal Joyce.  These two are so happy and sweet together it was an absolute privilege to document their wedding.  They have that extra something special---and I admit that I cried at the ceremony---and also when we got to watch their video together.

The ceremony was at OLA Catholic church in Beloit.  Two of the bride's sons sang Ave Maria during the mass and it did't leave a dry eye in the house. When Ann had told me that they had opera voices, she wasn't kidding.  WOW---amazing.

We went to the Beloit College Campus for a few EPIC pictures before arriving at their reception at Merrill and Houston's Steakjoint within the Ironworks Hotel.  The evening had wonderful live music, laughter and dancing.

Congratulations Ann and Hal!! We wish you all the best and thank you for letting us be a part of your very very very special day!!

Enjoy their video :)

There was so much great footage from their wedding, we compiled an extended slideshow montage as well..

The AMAZING performance of Ave Maria by the bride's two sons.  Wonderful job you guys!!

And a few of our favorite images from their wedding too :)

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