Fifty Years of Marriage…

Brenton and I work with a lot of couples in the very beginning of their marriage.  We hear about how they met, and of course how the proposal went.  We see them through the engagement and into their first bit of being newlyweds.  We listen as many of them talk of how they will grow their family and we can’t wait to photograph their children.  Seeing their families grow is so exciting---but how exciting to think about what 50 years might bring.  Do they think about being grandparents together someday?

This evening I photographed a couple that have traveled the road of marriage together for 50 years (and counting).  They have been married longer than a lot of our other couples have even been alive.  They have seen ups and downs, they have raised two wonderful children (fine fine magnificent children J) and they are eagerly awaiting the grandchildren.  They are two amazing people who never cease to amaze me with their new adventures, talents, and the love that they have for each other and family.   They are there no matter what---good, bad, awesome, gross, you name it.  They are my parents.  Love you Mom and Dad.  Here is to 50 more!

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