Peer Canvas Gardening with the Dogs on a day off

So not everyday is a photo shoot.  Some days you are pulling weeds and checking on the progress of the wheat grass.  Yes, we started growing some wheat grass which is doing awesome.  Then somehow you still end up taking pictures because of how lovely everything is, and because we love to take pictures.  So here is a little peek into our world when we aren't out on a formal shoot.  We do a bit of gardening, composting, trying our hand at growing our own wheat grass, and petting our dogs.  When we aren't outside we are always learning something new and experimenting with artwork.

Interesting note about being in the flowerbed pulling weeds.... If you are in the flowerbed---the dogs will also be IN the flowerbed, because obviously there is something interesting going on in there.

So glad that summer is here.

Peer Canvas