We are Story-Tellers

Wedding Photography and Videography is more than simply taking photographs or video. It is about telling your unique story. It is about all those details and moments, those family members and friends that surround you, and all those events that will make your dream wedding come true. From the day you met until the day you say “I Do” to a lifetime of love and happiness is a love story all to your own. Those timeless memories captured through Wedding Photography and Videography are put together in your wedding book and/or your wedding video to tell the story of the love you both share and the amazing future you will promise to each other. 

At Peer Canvas we understand how important, and unique, your wedding day is. We take the time to get to know our couples, what is important to them, and their own personal story. Your album will take you back to that very special day every time you page through the beautiful custom designed pages. You will hear your vows, the letters you wrote to each other, and heartfelt speeches as you watch your day unfold through the cinematic frames of your wedding video. Your wedding story is to be told through, and cherished by, generations.

Brenton and I grew up in the same little town and went to the same little grade school and same little high school. Somehow, we never met until a few years ago when Brenton came home on military leave. Something beautiful happened the night we met and we have been together ever since. 

We would love to use our unique style and unparalleled creative talent to bring that something beautiful to you and make your photography experience unforgettable. Contact us for a truly unique experience.